Calumet is to launch an exclusive new focusing tool.

Calumet is to launch an exclusive new focusing tool.

The FocusMaker, brought to market by Danish design company ID/FX, and retailing at £65, is designed to fit on almost any DSLR lens to offer ‘an unmatched accurate overview of the shooter’s focus points’.

Sian Hamer, Calumet marketing executive said: “Right now this innovative product for DSLR film-makers is available exclusively through us. It’s extremely compact and lightweight and fits easily in any camera bag. The FocusMaker mounts in seconds and can be removed even faster. It doesn’t require heavy rigs and it’s ideal for small camera crews or photographers shooting alone. It’s very competitively priced and attaches and removes in a simple snap.”

A spokesman from ID/FX added: “This superb piece of equipment was invented by photographer and film-maker Nikolaj Bestle after he constantly struggled to manage focus shifts on his DSLR.

The FocusMaker can set stops when focusing but also intermediate physical markers, which allows seamless shifting back and forth of focus between multiple reference points. It’s easy to manage and control from behind the camera and maintains a clear and accurate view.  Just attach it to your lens and set up your focusing point. That’s  it. Job done. Quite simply, it’s the most affordable tool available to achieve highly accurate repeatable rack focus.”

For more information on the FocusMaker, visit the Calumet website