Hoya’s HD2 filters take a beating like a Boss

Posted By on April 2, 2013

Hoya’s HD2 filters  released end of last year are really quite jaw dropping. In the video after the jump, a company rep smacks the filter repeatedly with a pipe–and it doesn’t shatter. The process starts with chemically hardened L37 optical glass has almost four times the strength of normal optical glass–or so they claim. Hoya then uses a 16-layer (8 layer each side) nano-coating process that yields a multi-coated filter with an extremely high transmission curve. The top layer is made into a hardened anti-scratch layer that is also stain and water-resistant. The filters also can come in the circular polarizer type, which uses a special High-Trans circular polarizing film that has 41% greater light transmission than standard circular polarizing film, the company once again claims.

These are already available for purchase from here – Hoya HD2.

UV, Protector, Cir-PL
• HOYA’s EXCLUSIVE hardened optical glass technology makes this 1mm thick have 4 times the strength of normal optical glass
• EXCLUSIVE 8-layer multi-coating for best in class light transmission
• Water & Oil repellent, scratch & stain resistant, easy to clean
• Thin frame
• UV and PROTECTOR have a LIFETIME Limited Warranty
• Cir-PL has a 5-year Limited Warranty