Range of Lenses for iphone5 by VTEC

Posted By on March 27, 2013

A range of compact camera lenses from VTEC enhance the photographic capabilities of the iPhone 5, which can be simply screwed into place.  VTEC a leading provider of exclusive gadgets and electronic accessories, has a new range of lenses for the iPhone 5. Compact, easy to use and simple to change, each VTEC lens come with a back cover that screws into place, so giving better results than those that clip on or are magnetic, and to which the lens attaches to. VTEC lenses eliminate the need for a separate camera, and enhance the quality of photos taken. The VTEC cover is particularly hard-wearing and durable, making it an ideal cover to protect the phone even when there’s no lens attached.


Telephoto iPhone 5 Lens

The VTEC range boasts a number of different types of lens for the iPhone 5:

  • CAM-1209 Aluminium Telephoto Lens: High quality aluminium Lens. The Lens simply screws into the back plate and can then be supported with the tripod that comes in the packaging. This will bring the camera up to full focus making the pictures clear and closer. Features top notch lens complete with 3 leg tripod iPhone cover to fit to lens. Excellent focus and magnification. Aluminium shell with optical glass lens This 12x magnification lens and tripod will transform your iPhone 5 into a professional camera for the best images.SRP £29.99 inc VAT
  • Wide-Angle and Macro Lens: these come as one kit, with the Wide-Angle screwing onto the front of the macro lens. The Wide-Angle Lens allows more of a scene to be captured in the photograph, making the lens ideal for taking photos at close range. The Macro Lens is perfect for close up photography, offering great focus close up to the subject. SRP £24.99 inc VAT
  • Fish-Eye Lens: offers circular 180° fish eye magnification, giving effect to any image taken. This lens is great for fun, quirky shots and also gives each image a circular black border. Turns amazing pictures into incredible pictures. SRP £24.99  inc VAT
  • CPL Filter: Used to reduce glare/reflections and is useful if you are looking to boost colour saturation, especially for blue skies. SRP £34.99 inc VAT
  • Microscope: a 20x lens. SRP £24.99 inc VAT

Each lens set comes with a phone cover that all lenses can attach to. The VTEC lenses are available from the VTEC website.