Lost underwater camera in Hawaii belonging to a Georgian (US) found in Taiwan

Posted By on March 26, 2013

Hawaiinewsnow brings us an incredible story of a camera which was lost on Maui, Hawaii almost six years ago now ended up in Taiwan, 6,200 miles away. Hawaiinewsnow managed to track its owner Lindsay Scallan of Newnan, Georgia who never imagined that she would see the precious photos from her past again.  She snapped them during her Maui vacation in 2007, but lost her new camera during a night scuba dive in Kaanapali.”The seas were really rough. There was a lot of sand stirred up. It was hard to see,” said Scallan.

Camera Finds Way Back to Owner After Drifting 6,200 Miles from Hawaii to Taiwan htcamera1Scallan returned to the beach the next morning, hoping the camera had washed up on shore. “But of course, we didn’t find it, so at that point I just gave up. I was pretty disappointed because I had all my vacation pictures on there. Plus, the cost of the camera,” Scallan said.

The Canon PowerShot was in a waterproof case and it drifted thousands of miles to Taiwan. A China Airlines employee discovered the camera on a beach last month. The airline asked Hawaii News Now to help find the owner seen in many of the pictures. Once the story hit the airwaves and the internet, Scallan’s friend sent her a link.

“I just was floored that it was my camera and it was all my old pictures and it was amazing. I just couldn’t believe it had floated so far, so long ago and the memory card was still intact,” said Scallan.

China Airlines has offered to fly Scallan to Taiwan to be reunited with her camera, but she isn’t sure if she can take time off from work since she just started a new job a week ago. “Brought back some good memories, and some pictures I’d forgotten I’d taken. It was great. I’m curious to see what else was on there,” said Scallan.

It would be interesting to know if, although the memory card was safe, how was the health of the camera itself. Let’s just say that it doesn’t look so good from the pictures!