Canon Singapore announced Try and Buy Camera lens programme

Posted By on March 25, 2013

Canon Singapore has just announced its latest “Try and Buy” camera lens program that will allow users to bring home their favorite Canon lenses for a nominal fee. The company’s new initiative is a first of its kind for amateur photographers and lets you rent a maximum of two lenses for up to two days (excluding pick-up and return dates). Previously, such rental services were only available for professional photographers.

Although rental fees are comparable between Canon Singapore and third-party lens-rental services, there are some benefits to renting from the original manufacturer.

For one, you’ll be able to try newer lenses and get discounts for extended warranties when you decided to make a purchase. Even if you don’t, you get a chance to try out your dream lens at length. Also, existing Canon Imaging Academy members who’ve enrolled themselves in any courses for the past 12 months will also be entitled to a 50-percent discount off rental fees.

In my opinion, buying a camera lens usually involves a significant amount of dough and the deciding factor ultimately lies on whether a lens is suited for the photographer’s needs. With this new program, I think Canon dSLR users will get a better idea of how a lens handle and performs by using it for a few days.

The good news for consumers is: If lens rentals catch on with the rest of the camera brands, it could make the third-party rental rates more competitive and drive down rental fees for the average user.

Boasting free registration and membership, Canon Singapore’s rental program will be administered at its training facility at Harborfront, Singapore and begin from March 28 via this Web site. Would you be more inclined to make a lens purchase if you could rent it for a day? Let us know.

Rental fees for some of the Canon dSLR lenses: