Discover Europe competition

Discover Europe competition

Do you always take photos when travelling? If you do, you must share them with us!

Discover Europe 2013 is yet another (namely tenth!) opportunity to broaden your horizons through a direct contact with photography. The main goal of this extraordinary competition is to select the best pictures, submitted by the students from all over Europe and showing Poland and other European countries!

The final stage will take place in May 2013 in Warsaw.

Discover Europe is a pan-European contest enabling its participants to establish international relations, break stereotypes and present their points of view on the variety of cultural topics.

The main goal of the competition is to show the beauty of Europe, its traditions and customs as was as to provide students with an opportunity to share their experiences of travelling and participating in student exchange programs.

This year there are three new main categories:

Citizen of Europe – showing various images of Europeans

My Europe, my home – presenting picturesque places and landscapes in Europe

Surprise me Europe! – showing amusing or intriguing  situations that happened in Europe

and an additional category sponsored by KPMG:

Success with Passion –  is a category for those authors, who managed to capture this particular sparkle of passion that decides about someone’s success, happiness and satisfaction. We expect pictures that reveal emotions of those who make their way to prosperity, pictures depicting, how doing things with heart and passion turns into success.

Discover Europe consists of two stages: the local stage and the central final stage. Additionally, submitted photos will be rated by internet users who registered through the form on the website.

Before the pictures you submitted reach the final stage of the contest, they have to advance from the regional stage. During the regional stage, the jury selects 10% of the best pictures to the final stage, and also  awards the three best in each main category.

The winning pictures will be selected by a jury made up from members of the artistic community.

The Grand Final Gala will take place in May 2013 in Warsaw. At the Final Gala will also be a formal banquet and an exhibition of the winning photos. The winners can expect valuable prizes and many pleasant surprises!

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